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A brand new wood floor will completely transform your home, and besides being beautiful, the solid wood goes a long way to improve the look and durability of your home as well as making it desirable in the real estate. A solid wood floor can last you a life time with proper care and maintenance, and as an added bonus, these floors are environmentally friendly, as they come from a natural, renewable source.

I have over fifteen years experience in the fitting of both solid wood and engineered wood floors, and in that time I have developed a unique skirting trimming system which means that I do not have to use beadings when fitting your floor. To read more about the skirting trimming system, please click here.

I also fit new Parquet (wood block) floors as well.

Fitted wooden floors

Solid hardwood floors are, as the description suggests, a piece of flooring cut from a single piece of wood and usually have a tongue and groove on all four sides of the board. They are also often thicker than laminate or engineered wood. They will be either unfinished, allowing you to apply your own finish, or pre-finished with a lacquer or oil, meaning that they do not need any additional sanding or varnishing. Solid wood floors can be sanded and resealed numerous times over the years, the number of times it can be sanded is determined by how deep the tongue is set from the top of the board. Solid Wood can react to changes in humidity and moisture which can result in some movement, therefore not recommended in damp places such as Bathrooms and basements, and also not recommended for use with underfloor heating. Solid wood floors should always be acclimatised before being installed, this allows the flooring to get used to the conditions in your home.

Engineered wood floors are constructed from layers of hardwood ply and a final solid hardwood wear layer. These are glued and Fused together in controlled factory conditions to produce a reliable, strong product. This produces a very stable board that is both load bearing and structurally sound, and less prone to changes caused by a room’s temperature or humidity. Engineered wood is thinner than solid wood, and therefore cannot be repeatedly sanded and varnished, due to the thinner nature of the real wood veneer. Engineered wood floors include more resistance to higher moisture levels than solid wood flooring, which adds to their appeal to use in damp basements or in regions of the country that have higher relative humidity levels.


When I visit you in your home, I will bring samples of various different floors for you to choose from, and then I will make all the arrangements for it to be delivered directly to your home prior to the agreed start date.

Alternatively I am very happy for you to supply your own flooring, and I will advise you on how much to order.

The Skirting Trimming System
During the time that I have been laying wooden floors, I have developed a unique skirting trimming system which means that I am able to lay your floor without the need for unsightly beadings which are all too often used to cover the necessary expansion gap that needs to be left in place. The expansion gap is imperative to ensure that the wood has room to expand if conditions change at all. If the gap is not left, there is a strong chance that the floor may begin to buckle. With the skirting trimming system, the floor is slotted into place underneath the skirtings, stopping short of the wall to allow for expansion.

Wood floor with skrtings trimmed

The flooring must also be allowed to acclimatise to the conditions in your home when it first arrives, this again is to ensure that it does its expanding/ contracting before it is installed. This usually involves just cutting open the ends of the flooring packs to allow the air to circulate, however please consult the manufacturers instructions on this.

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